Mas Oller is located in an area that combines sea and mountain, very marked by the presence of wind, and the north where a diversity of soils are combined: clay, sand and slate. Conceptually and geographically, the project of Mas Oller connects northern Catalonia, Empordà and Roussillon with the wines being as expressive as they are fresh. Currently, Mas Oller has 17 hectares of vineyard in production.

The three red varieties are Grenache, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon and two white varieties are Picapoll and Malvasia de Sitges. The vineyards are located around the house and the grapes are selected in the vineyard before being harvested and transported to the winery in small boxes, where it undergoes a second manual selection. All of the wines have a cold pre-fermentation period to obtain maximum expression of aroma and color.

Our philosophy is based on the recovery of the winemaking tradition of Empordà with a modern interpretation of the concept of wine.
     The team is made up of Carlos Esteva, owner winemaker; Martin Cuervo y Marta Arenas , head of the vineyard and the winery; Elena Moreno, Wine Experiences; Barbara Siemianiuk, export; Astrid Caritg, sommelier and sales.